Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hurray for the brave women and men who are taking a stand against the outrageous corporate greed that is destroying our country.
Here is a modest proposal for a simple law that will provide a dramatic step towards the goal of achieving greater economic equity in our land.  Rather than simply tax the wealthy, we should require that companies distribute more equitably the profits that a given company makes.  The chief executive officer of the Federal government—the President—does not make more than 40 times what the lowest paid, Grade 1 step 1, government worker makes. 
Let’s take that pay scale as a model for corporations and require that no company pay its top earners more than 40 times what the lowest wage earner makes.  If the CEO of GreedCo wants to make $10 million a year, then the lowest paid worker at GreedCo must be paid at least $250,000.
Please stand with us and give us your support as we attempt to make a real push for income equity in the country. This is a movement for Occupyers and Tea Partiers, liberals, conservatives, independents, and anyone who is disgruntled with the road down which our nation is going. Opponents and the media have painted the Occupy movement as a movement without a cause. Let The 40x Rule--an initiative that seeks to limit greed and income inequity without putting an upper limit on success--be that cause. 
Feel free to browse the page and learn about what The 40x Rule is, whether or not it will work, and why we are championing it. We also welcome you to learn how you can support The 40x Rule, and to add your thoughts to the discussion. 
This is not a country where millionaires and billionaires should twist policy so that it benefits them. This is OUR country, and The 40x Rule is OUR cause.